#3 Swisscom

The true colors of a service provider shine through in its cancellation process. If I could, I’d cancel Swisscom twice. But for another reason than you think.

How hard does the provider have to cling on to customers? How much are customers there on a voluntary reason? Those are immediate reflections on how good the service is.

Today, I cancelled our Swisscom account. Not because anything they could do was not done, short of digging up the street and replacing the seemingly tiny strand of copper their ancestors put in the ground to service our house. We had about twenty (2) very kind Swisscom technicians over within the past 3 months, we were on our third router, and still, the internet felt about as smooth as a sandpaper.

In a home of two geeks, that’s got to change and I am surprised that we carried on so long. Well – stuff happens. In the 50s, noone thought 44 MBit/s might not be enough and that our puny little copper umbilical cord to the digital yonder would be enough. Well, water under the bridge.

Yesterday, our router coughed its final breath and today, just one simple, very kind and helpful call later, I was let go from the contract immediately. As in: this instant. I was not heckled into another contract. I was not questioned. I was not held to my contractually agreed cancellation time. I was simply set free with a kind „Sorry for that, we’ll do better next time.“.  That’s a cancellation process that brings us back should we ever move (or should „taaaa daaa daaaaaaaaaaaaa“ decide to put anything larger than a guitar string into the ground).

Thanks, Swisscom! See you when there’s fiber around here. Keep up the good customer mood!

~ the end ~

PS: A little heavy on the vocabulary, right? Yeah. Thought so. #noHemmingway


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