#1 Mobility


On my 43th drive with Mobility, my parking space was number 43. Don’t ask me why, but this got me going to create a blog I shall call 100 things to love about Switzerland. I think this is might be fun and easy as I will keep these posts short and hopefull sweet.

Mobility rocks. It never failed me, not even once. Whenever it did, I was to blame. And whenever that was the case, there was a kind and supportive person on the other end of the phone line.

Mobility just works: clean, good, new, well-serviced cars, cheap, ubiquitous. Bonus: use it via Flinkster, the German service and be treated to free membership. Awesome. Thank you Mobility!

~the end~

PS: This reads like an essay  for school – bear with me, I am just getting started.


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